The following is the criteria for the Special Awards:

Amethyst Award:          Most Likely to Succeed
Aquamarine Award:       Fabulous Stage Presence
Attitude Award:           Attitude that is upbeat and pleasant
Blue Topaz Award:        Entusiastic Energy
Citrine Award:               Poised Participater
Gold Award:            Fabulous Smile               
Crystal Award:              Excellence in Dance
Diamond Award:        Responsibility, confidence, dedication, dependability and                                        commitment in the pageant workshops
Emerald Award:         Most Improved
Fire Opal Award:          Entertainer
Garnet Award:               Kindness Towards Others
Gem Award:                   Upbeat, pleasant, respective and genuine during the pageant                                                 experience.
Pearl Award:                 Eagerness to learn, takes on challenges, and will succeed in all                                               her future endeavors.
Personality Award:        Energetic, bubbly, high-spirited and thoroughly entertaining
Ruby Award:             Eagerness to learn, positive attitude, and was attentive,                                                        respectful and  genuine
Sapphire Award:              Energetic, spunky, considerate, respectful of others and fun to                                           be around
Spirit Award:                Confident, believes in herself, and wants to help others          Jade Award:                  Excellent Effort